Come and share your research results, doubts, questions, ideas, collaboration opportunities. During the stationary meetings and peripatetic ones (from Ancient Greek peripatētikós – “given to walking around”) senior researchers, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students share their knowledge and draw inspirations for further work.

We invite abstracts in any field concerning (broadly understood) cognition and ways of its modeling. Just to give some examples, your talk may concern:

  • Cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics (mechanisms of perception, memory, attention, decision making, language evolution, semiotics).
  • Biology and bioinformatics (proteomics, metabolic and signaling networks, biological imaging).
  • Neurosciences (neurobiology, neuroinformatics, neuropsychology).
  • Language sciences.
  • Computational modeling (e.g., dynamical systems modeling).
  • Logic, knowledge representation, information theory.
  • Robotics, autonomous systems.

If you are an undergraduate student, and are just starting in the field, you may present a short book review on the topic. We prepared some suggestions (see Books), but if you do not find anything interesting there you can suggest your own book to review. Be sure to have it approved by the organizers though (write to us directly or propose it in the form of abstract through the registration form, see Registration).