The Peripatetic conferences on Cognitive Systems Modeling are organized since 2010 by and for those who appreciate thinking and exchanging ideas while walking and those who, like many before, believe that the rarefied mountain air and the physical exertion bring our brains to another level of functioning.

Cognitive systems are defined through their ability to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the environment. We observe such processes of adaptation on many different levels: from single cells and tissues, through regulation systems such as the immune system, to people operating on conscious level and whole social groups. The aim of the conference is to present recent research on cognitive systems from multitude of perspectives and methodologies, and to bridge gaps between different disciplines in order to develop common language as well as new methods and paradigms for modeling cognitive phenomena.

The interdisciplinary character of the conference is reflected by abstract books from the previous edition (see Books). Among the organizers and participants of the previous editions of the conference were psychologists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, linguists, physicists, biologists, mathematicians, anthropologists, sociologists… No matter what is your discipline, what counts is your interest in cognitive systems, in computational methods (but also in how to link qualitative with quantitative, without throwing the former with the bath or making the latter untenable), your openness to talk to others and patiently explain your approach, and your love for the mountains.

Old website of 2016 conference: 5th Peripatetic Conference